Andrew Chinn 'Rise Up' Album Recording


Andrew Chinn 'Rise Up' Album Recording


During the school holidays Jade and Taylor C in 6L and Amelia M in 3L were invited to record a new album ‘Rise Up!’ with Andrew Chinn at the Robertson Brothers Studio in Springwood

The choir consisted of 20 singers from Years 3 to 11 of various schools over NSW.

We are so proud of the girls who represented both the school and the Parramatta Diocese. It was truly an honour to be invited to participate in this special event.

Here is Amelia’s recount of this very exciting day

During the holidays I was so excited because I was asked to be in Andrew Chinn’s choir to sing for his new album. When I got to his recording studio I was very nervous but very excited to start. There were about 15 kids from all over New South Wales there and I felt important because I was one of them. I was the youngest one in the choir.

The recording studio had lots of microphones and sound machines all over the place, and we had to sing each song so many times so they were perfect! My favourite song of all the seven I had to learn was ‘With a Father’s Heart, With a Mother’s Heart’.

I can’t wait for everyone to hear this song when it comes out.

About Andrew Chinn

Andrew Chinn worked as a classroom teacher in Catholic Primary Schools in Sydney, Australia for nearly twenty years before moving into his full time music ministry. Andrew has visited more than 1000 Catholic primary schools, performing in 2000 concerts across Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada sharing his music and his faith with children, teachers and parents. He has released 10 CDs, 5 DVDs and 5 picture books, which are used widely by teachers and catechists in the faith development of children.


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Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese

Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese


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