Support Programs

All students are unique individuals with their own needs, gifts and talents.

At St Paul the Apostle Primary, we recognise that everyone learns at different rates and in different styles. We also believe that student wellbeing is vital to the social, emotional and academic growth of all our students. A sense of wellbeing and connectedness to school promotes optimal development of each child as a whole and contributes to their personal and academic success.

Learning Support

The Learning Support Team in our school is committed to providing support, resources and individualised programs to ensure that students can have their educational and social requirements met in the regular school and classroom environment.

Basic literacy and numeracy skills are fundamental to the personal development and growth of our children. These skills are the foundation of learning. The Learning Needs Program is designed to develop these fundamental skills in intensive small groups and one-on-one situations. Students are assessed to identify their existing skill level and appropriate target performance levels. Where weaknesses are diagnosed they are worked on.

The program focuses on addressing areas in which the children are challenged and reinforcing areas of strength. The program also looks at the emotional needs of the child, and may, at times, focus on developing emotional stability.

Pastoral Care and Student Enhancement

At St Paul the Apostle we strive to promote a climate of respect and justice for all by:

  • nurturing the self worth and dignity of each individual
  • encouraging acceptance and tolerance of all
  • fostering growth, leadership and responsibility
  • employing behaviour management practices that are fair and just.

We attempt to empower our students to manage conflict and develop their acceptance and tolerance of others, by supporting them through a variety of initiatives.

The following strategies contribute to the enhancement of each student at St Paul the Apostle:

  • Playground incentive program
  • Rest@St Paul’s
  • Holy Faith Awards and Margaret Aylward Award
  • Fortnightly Awards for the St Paul’s Award (based on the values of the school) and Student of the Week
  • Student Support Team
  • Mini Vinnies
  • Buddies
  • Year Six Leadership Program
  • Graduation Awards and Prizes in all Key Learning Areas