Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to ‘reach new heights through a community celebrating faith, life and learning’.

Mission Statement

We are committed to:

  • acknowledging the presence of God in our lives
  • nurturing the gift of faith within our community
  • fostering the values of respect, justice, and self-worth
  • promoting a team centred leadership style that respects and challenges the strengths of all
  • encouraging each individual to reach his/her potential – spiritually, physically, emotionally and academically
  • providing a creative learning environment that develops confident, independent, life-long learners
  • developing a climate of acceptance which acknowledges that each individual is special.


We value the presence of God in our lives and seek to develop the gift of our faith by:

  • offering a comprehensive religious education program
  • providing creative opportunities for each member of the community to pray and celebrate through liturgy.


We strive to promote a climate of respect and justice for all by:

  • nurturing the self-worth and dignity of each individual
  • encouraging acceptance and tolerance of all
  • fostering growth in leadership and responsibility
  • providing behaviour management practices that are fair and just.


We value our special community partnership by:

  • nurturing open communication between school, family and parish
  • providing a variety of opportunities for parents to better understand teaching and learning practices
  • acknowledging the presence of parent involvement and fostering their ongoing and active participation
  • supporting the role of parents as the children’s primary educators


We strive for excellence in teaching and learning and encourage each individual to reach his/her potential by:

  • reviewing and evaluating our policies in the light of curriculum developments
  • continually building the capacity of our teachers to meet the needs of the children
  • enabling all staff to participate in ongoing professional learning
  • working in partnership with parents to provide relevant home learning experiences
  • providing appropriate learning opportunities for all students
  • integrating technology across all key learning areas


We acknowledge the importance of a well resourced, comfortable learning environment by:

  • ensuring that resources are used effectively
  • providing opportunities for all children to have access to technology
  • endeavouring to provide equipment appropriate to current technological advances
  • exploring options to provide a safe and happy playground.

It is an honour and an inestimable privilege to be permitted to labour for the preservation of the faith.
Margaret Aylward (1870) - Founder of the Holy Faith Sisters

Our School Song

The soil in which we grow
Like a roller-coaster ride
The years have come, the years have gone.
Sharing in our highs and lows
A family we become.

And faith becomes our victory
Belief in self and in each one;
God believes in us we know.
Belief the soil in which we grow.

Everyone is welcome here,
Whatever gifts we bring along.
Received with love and care can grow,
As family we become.


In times of joy we celebrate
The gifts that God creates through us
Enjoying each new secret shared
As family we become.


And then when times bring suffering,
We share the pain with prayer and love;
Believing in each other’s dream,
As family we become.


Imagination is our song.
St Paul’s our story helps to shape
Tomorrow’s memories will recall
The family we’ve become.


Written with the children of Year 6, 1997
By Father Kevin Bates SM
Instrumental Arrangement by John Galla