Our Staff

Whether in the office or teaching in our dynamic learning spaces, our staff are part of a system committed to ensuring the best outcomes for every learner within a Catholic faith environment.

St Paul the Apostle staff are passionate about seeing young people grow and succeed. Each member of staff is a role model to help achieve our vision to ‘reach new heights through a community celebrating faith, life and learning’.

All our staff are passionate about the delivery of innovative academic, pastoral and co-curricular programs that utilise the latest educational research to offer students a relevant and personalised 21st century education.

Our purpose is to transform the lives of every student, every day.



Principal Mrs Megan Baird
Assistant Principal Mrs Kathryn Newman
Religious Education Coordinator Mrs Johra Brackenbury

Teaching Staff

Early Stage 1 Coordinator Mrs Michelle Brett
Stage 1 Coordinator
Mrs Kathryn Newman
Stage 2 Coordinator Mrs Johra Brackenbury
Stage 3 Coordinator Mrs Elizabeth Sargent
Kindergarten Miss Danielle Grace
Mrs Karen Love
Year 1 Mrs Julie Hooper
Miss Jasmine Szanto
Year 2 Mrs Fiona Lambert
Mr James Gough
Year 3

Miss Amber Paul
Mrs Mary Richards

Year 4 Mrs Melissa Poole
Mrs Kylie Windever
Miss Marissa Mentis
Year 5 Mrs Lisa Spencer
Mrs Renee Henebery
Miss Amelia Lezon
Year 6  Mrs Vanessa Holland
Miss Niamh Gray
Mrs Kylie Baker
Teacher Librarian Mrs Petrina Taylor
Physical Education
Mrs Kirstie Edwards
Creative Arts Mrs Victoria Matterson
Diversity Leader Mrs Michelle Brett
Reading Recovery & EMU

Mrs Johra Brackenbury
Mrs Elizabeth Sargent
Mrs Fiona Lambert

Supporting Diversity

Mrs Lou Tedesco
Mrs Margaret Govender
Mrs Felicity Carvalho
Miss Adrijana Drazenovic

 School Counsellor Mrs Genevieve Carey
 IT Trainee Miss Siluni Fernando
 Staff on leave Mrs Amy Shelton - returning part time in Term 3
Mrs Teresa Draybi - returning part time in Term 2
Mrs Mirijana Loncar - returning in 2023
Mrs Rita Nobili - returning in Term 2

Support Staff


Mrs Berna Robson
Mrs Juanita Gray
Mrs Rita Nobili
Mrs Cheryl Long



Mrs Therese Ricketts
Mrs Jenny Usher
Mrs Sam Smith
Mrs Marie Whiting
Mrs Leanne Thacker
Mrs Kimberly Taufa
Mrs Suzanne McGrillen


Mr Dave Bonnar