Year 6 Canberra Trip

It was an early start for year 6, with almost everyone in our grade getting up at 5:30am with only half an hour to get ready and be at school by 6:15am. Once everyone in year 6 got to school we went to the library to tell our teachers we were there. We were all finally ready a few minutes after and we got on the double decker bus (WOW) to begin our trip to our destination, which was year 6 camp at Canberra.

On the way on the bus we were singing songs and watching movies like Frozen and more. Finally we arrived at McDonalds to have some breakfast. You could tell that year 6 was hungry. We could have things like hash browns and breaky muffins. After that we got back on the bus to finish our bus trip and we knew when it was finished for we had arrived at the Australian War Memorial.

Once we had first arrived at the Australian War Memorial we were very chatty and excited about our arrival. Once we first got inside we needed to watch a short video about what was expected while at the memorial. In the memorial there we paintings, statues, the honour scroll and much more thrilling features. At the memorial we were also able to purchase souvenirs. After that we were getting ready to leave and once we walked outside we got a amazing view of parliament house which was where we were going next after we had finished morning tea.

Once we had finished morning tea we began  our  trip to arrive at parliament house. At parliament house we needed to split into our two classes so that we could work within smaller groups. The first room that 6G visited was the house of senate which was very interesting during question time which was what was happening once we got there. The same thing happened in the house of representatives for they were in the middle of question time as well. It was very interesting for 6G to see Tony Abbott (our prime minister) in the middle of a debate with the opposition.  After that we left the debating rooms and went into a separate room where 6G acted out a debate in action so we could see what it felt like to be in the shoes of the politicians which was fun. After all of that acting we were very hungry and met 6J in a room to have some afternoon tea. Finally we left parliament house to end up at the motel we were staying at to get all of our luggage there and have some dinner.

After that we left the resort to arrive at one of the  places that year 6 wanted to go to the most, the Australian Institute of Sport also known as the AIS. At the AIS we got a tour and saw all of the training areas that the olympians train for their sport. After that we went to a room called SPORTEX!!! It is a room where you can try all the sports out for yourself. there were sports like cycling and weights. It was awesome!!!


File:Parliament House from ANZAC Parade (2800023900).jpg